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The Bra is a super handy piece of formed 1/8" steel.


Available in Parkerized, Nickel plated and Old Nickel plate.

It supports many things:

Rear of oil bag

Mounts fender

Raises battery up

Mounts seat springs, or not! (Studs welded 6" on center)

It does all of these things without being bolted or welded to your perfect OEM factory frame.... or sketchy chopper frame.

Every frame/fender/seat set up is a little different, so you may need to bend it or twist it a little, its pretty easy.

Comes with all hardware needed to mount including 4 spacers to fill space and two soft felt pads for those sensitive spots.

Get the optional battery belt and or Battery cover standoff to complete the kit.

Secure your battery and hide its existence with a nice cover.

If you run an extended from end 2+ or and run a solo seat with springs, get the seat spring studs Not welded on, then you can weld them at the correct angle after mock up. 

The Bra Parkerized

PriceFrom $149.00
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