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DicE X Butts
Tiny Parts Division

From the mind of Dice Magazine comes a collection of tiny parts.

Butts is proud to produce these tiny parts in limited edition releases.

The parts are made using 100% lead free modern pewter and are cast in silicone molds usually producing 50-60 parts per run. 

Some of these parts are accurate 3D scans while others are sculpted.

To buy a tiny part head over to Dice and see whats in stock.

DicE Limited Edition Studded seats!

DicE Studded Hot Seat in Black, Red, or White smooth shiny soft Italian leather. 

Very limited edition, check the Dice Website! before they are gone forever.....


Wassell Ribbed Fender

Thanks to the British we have Wassell Fenders. Most of them are filled with holes, trimmed short, covered in paint and rusty as hell. 

This is an exact 3D scan of an original Wassell fender, get yours now! Available now! Click the pic to go to the Dice Store.


Cheetah Bayonet Sissy Issue 100 

The Cheet'ah bayonet sissy bar. This is a 3D scan of my original sissy bar that currently sits on my 39 Knucklehead. I made 100 of these for the 100 Issue limited release , they were sent all over the world. These were only available if you had a DicE subscription.


Tiny Wide Glide top clamp

The Tiny wide glide top clamp.

Simple, just a part. But its a nice part.

We made 50 of these. All sold out.


Tiny 36 Knucklehead Air Filter

This was a very special project with a very limited timeline........ 

For DicE Magazine 20 year anniversary #102 special edition cover with 8 36 Knuckleheads all belonging to Jason Momoa...

I borrowed a real 36 Knuckle Airfilter from my friend Bill, then I scanned, modified, printed, modified, molded, poured and polished.

An epic journey.


Wassell 101 Run tank

The Wassell tank is iconic. We made this tiny part for the 101 Run in beautiful Margate UK. A yearly chopper party and show. Check it out. Only 50 made, Sold out.


Roth Linkert bird deflector

The Roth bird Deflector is just such a nice. A weird shape you just want to touch. We made 50 of these, and i believe there are still some available. Go get one, click the pic to go to the DicE store


Lee Clutch Pedal

A tiny working Lee Clutch Pedal is what everyone needs. We only made 50 of these and apparently their are some left! click the pic to go to the DicE store! 

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