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The G Hinge.

Panty lines are a thing of the past with this nearly invisible seat hinge. Dont weld on that frame like I did..... simple hinge that bolts on to those funny little holes in your Rigid Panhead or Knucklehead frame. Fits a little higher on Knuckle frames due to geometry of original castings. Its not really a hinge, more of a pivot that is hidden as much as possible.

Aluminum with a pressed steel pin.

Available in raw soft tumbled and hard wet polished.

Comes with parkerized hardware.

The seat post casting on V-Twin replica frames is slightly narrower than a OEM frame, this requires either a spacer or some light sanding/filing to either your frame or the G hinge to get perfect fit between the frame rails. 


The G Hinge

PriceFrom $99.99