Legs Pegs

Sand cast aluminum pegs that fit knuckle and pan with smooth and 8 rib cam covers and early oem thin primary (repop may not fit) or open chain primary.

Two different finish options, Old Raw or Polished.

They may fit 4 fin panhead or generator shovels with some gentle love with a file and thin oem or open chain primary. (not sure if they will fit with belt)

These are 5” mids.

These pegs do not fold or bend, they are designed to fit tight and have been test fit on two OEM frames with original peg mounts very close to the original 16-36 degree setting to ensure clearance. Every frame is a little different some frames are bent, tabs are cut off or replaced with repops.

You may have to adjust tabs and or file the pegs to fit your particular application.

3/8-16 studs with all hardware including jam nut for primary side.

All Legs Pegs are numbered, this will be a limited run of 69 with hopefully more in the future.

 I have fit these pegs on 6 different combinations of pan and knuckle cases , cam covers, and frames. I have adjusted them several times to hopefully find a nice medium that will fit most combinations, but there are lots of combos out there including bent frame rails so please understand you may need to make modifications to fit these. I have not tested on any 70+ shovels.  I have some stock style foot peg tabs available in the store in case yours are bent or cut off. CHOPPERS!!!

Legs Pegs