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Lazyboy in Off White Tuck and Roll L

$520 USD

The Lazyboy in a full grain cowhide, chrome tanned.

Soft Off White leather. Pleated the long way.

Nice leather that will break in fast, not particulairly easy to clean.

Currently ships in three weeks or less.


The Lazyboy is a thin, narrow simple cobra style seat with multiple mounting options. It can be mounted rigid if bent it will fit between the frame rails using the plug or hinge and a rear mount or supplied velcro. It can be mounted semi rigid with the rear frender mount and either using a hinge in the front or the plug bracket. It can aslo be mounted on springs with a hinge like a classic cobra. The seat is shipped in the semi-rigid form.

Lazyboy in Off White Tuck and Roll L

PriceFrom $520.00
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